If you made the pre-registration between February 10 and March 10, you already have the confirmed BOOKING RESERVATION, and we will contact you (to the e-mail you left us) to finish the process, which includes some more data, such as full list of participants you represent. If you have not registered yet, you can do so now in the link below.
How much will it cost? Until May 7, 2020, the registration fee per person has two components that add up:

1) A basic fee, mandatory for any registration, of US $ 10.
2) A variable fee, depending on the country you represent -developed US$ 90 or developing US$ 40- (except tennis that has an only fee of US$ 90). Residents in Argentina do not pay for this item.


Categories of Registration Fee Start Date End Date Maximum Fee
Pre-registration 10-feb-20 10-mar-20 US$ 0
Early Bird 11-mar-20 7-may-20 US$ 100
Standard 8-may-20 7-sep-20 US$ 130
Last minute 8-sep-20 6-nov-20 US$ 150



The basic fee includes:

1) Participation in the opening and closing ceremonies,
2) Official participation medal,
3) Free access to the accreditation center, meeting point and all sports facilities,
4) BA2020 Welcome Kit.

The reference time zone for rate changes is: Argentina time zone GMT -3.
We notify that all online registration information will be shared with the Federation of Gay Games (FGG).

Buenos Aires 2020  




Many volunteers are needed to assist in the successful operation and execution of the Games and all their surrounding events.
The LOC will provide personnel to coordinate, articulate, manage and teach tasks to the group of volunteers of the Games, with a specific headquarters, calendar of activities and functions. If you want to be part, send us an e-mail to




All are invited to register at San Martín Cultural Center, located in Avenue Corrientes 1530 -downtown-, between November 3 and 6, and at the CeNARD, located in Avenue Miguel B. Sánchez 1050 -Nuñez neighborhood- after November 6.
To be accredited, participants must present an identity document.
We will give you your welcome BA2020 Kit, as well as your participant medal and, of course, the accreditation badge, needed for attending events and ceremonies.

 Buenos Aires, Argentina