At first, the following sports table was determined. Click on each picto below to get a summary:


5k and 10K Handball Rugby
Basketball Field Hockey Table Tennis
Track Swimming Tennis
Football 5 - 11 - street Paddle tennis Volleyball


In a second instance, and if there is demand for new sports in pre-registrations, the LOC will analyze their incorporation.




Pride March
Coincidentally, the XXIX Pride March will be held on Saturday, November 7 in the afternoon, the opening day of the competitions, and will travel along May Avenue from the historic Plaza de Mayo to the National Congress.
The march was held for the first time in 1992 and is celebrated on the first Saturday of November of each year, in commemoration of the creation of Nuestro Mundo, the first homosexual movement in Argentina. It was attended by just 250 people, and protesters marched with masks, because they feared losing their jobs. The last of 2019 reached 500,000 participants. The main claim remains the struggle for equality and to make visible the claims, achievements and pride of the LGBT community for their sexual orientation, identity and gender expression.


The village
The Village of the LGBT Games Buenos Aires 2020 will be created in the heart of Palermo. This area will be circumscribed to house vendors, merchandising, coffee and food, entertainment and small cultural programs. There the Closing Ceremony will be held.
The Village will be a great meeting point to meet people from all over the world. It would open every day from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

San Martin Cultural Center
Using the renewed cultural center on the emblematic Avenida Corrientes as support, there will be Human Rights conferences and all cultural events, theater, dance, bands and choirs.

We will work closely with all local museums and establish a standard discount for all participants of the Games.






The LOC determined 2 areas for sports activities in the neighborhoods of Núñez and Soldati. It reserves the right to change the locations in cases of extreme need.

North: CeNARD and Centro Naval 



 Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo (CeNARD)

 Dirección: Av. Miguel B. Sánchez 1050, Núñez.


 • 2 Pistas de atletismo, una de 6 y otra de 8 andariveles.

 • Natatorio “Jeannette Campbell”. Pileta olímpica cubierta de 8 andariveles.

 • Polideportivo “León Najnudel”, de piso flotante.

 • Complejo “Carl Diem”. Gimnasio polifuncional.

 • 1 Cancha de Hockey sobre césped sintético - agua.

 • 1 Sala de ping pong.



Centro Naval
Dirección: Av. Cantilo y Arroyo Medrano, Núñez.

• 2 Canchas de Rugby



South: Olimpic Park (used for the Youth Olympic Games 2018) and Indo-American Park (courts opened in 2019). 



Parque Olímpico + Parque Roca
Dirección: Av. Cnel. Roca 5252, Soldati.

• 2 Pistas de atletismo, de 8 andariveles.
• Pileta olímpica cubierta de 10 andariveles.
• Circuito de carrera 5k.
• 5 Gimnasios polifuncionales.
• 2 Canchas de Hockey sobre césped sintético - agua.
• 7 Canchas de tenis.
• Lugar de reunión y espacio gastronómico.



Parque Indoamericano
Dirección: Av. Escalada y J. P. T. Batlle y Ordoñez, Soldati.
• 4 canchas de fútbol 11 – Césped natural con sistema de riego automatizado.
• 1 cancha de fútbol 11 – Césped sintético.
• 6 canchas de fútbol 5 – Césped sintético.



 Buenos Aires, Argentina